Sunday, August 16, 2009

Choosing your religion :)

Here is an interesting set of religious questions I saw on another blog and I thought I would fill it out and would loooooveee to see your answers :) Pretty please.No judgements,whether you are a devote, an atheist etc.

1. What religion do you practice?
Roman Catholic-Christianity

2. How often do you pray?
At least a few times a day.

3. How often do you go to church?
Once a week, plus holy days of obligations.

4. What would you say is the best lesson your religion teaches?
That if you take care of the least of these you take care of me...basically.

5. What would you say you most disagree with about your religion?
I tend to be a little more liberal than most catholics but I don't think that is necessary bad. I think if you question,not necessarily disagree with, it keeps you moving forward on your journey.

6. What is one thing about your religion that affects you in daily life?
Psalms 139 comes to mind. I love that God knew who I would be,what I would do and he made me anyway.

7. What is your favorite verse from the Bible/BOM/etc?
I like Hebrews 11:1 and Psalm 139 a lot.

8. How often do you feel you pay homage to your religion?
I don't pay homage to my religion, but I do thank God for my blessing daily.

9. Can you tell me one story from the Bible that you remember having a strong impact on you?
Hm.....The widow's offering :)

10. Are there any people/stories in the Bible you show serious doubt in? If so, which story?
Since we as catholic don't take everything literally, there isn't really anything....we aren't JUST a bible based faith.

Also, I think we aren't meant to understand everything. Only God in his divinity does.

11. Would you consider yourself an adamant Christian?
I would say so....I am willing to listen to others points of view, but I am confident in my beliefs.

12. Have you ever questioned your faith?
Sure, many times...basically am I being a good enough example and putting Christ first.

13. What could bring a person to question the Christian faith?
The why do bad things happen to good people argument.

14. Do you think Christianity is the only relevant faith?
In my life yes...but I think that everyone thinks their faith is the right one.

15. Do you think Christianity is the best religion, in your opinion to raise your children on?
Of course, or I wouldn't be a practicing christian, or be raising my son that way...but like I said, I think everyone thinks they are doing what is right.

16. If your child ever did anything that went severely against Christianity, would you condemn him or her?
I wouldn't love him any less.

17. Any last notes?

Not really, I just hope someone else answers these questions :)

18. Is the religion you practice fairly common in your area?
Catholic not really.

19. Where you born into your religion or did you convert?
I am a convert.

20.Why did you convert or what caused you remain practicing?
Because it was what I felt drawn to do and what I felt was best for me.

21. Major misconception about your religion?
That we worship people besides God. We don't.

22. Best thing about your religion?
I love the sense of tradition and that it is so family oriented.

23. Worst thing?
Nothing personally for me.

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Dawn said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! :-) Your answers to these questions are very thought provoking. I particularly like your thoughts on #5. I'm someone who thinks we should keep questioning too.

Thanks for sharing!