Monday, June 01, 2009

If only I got a paycheck....:P Be real I DARE you.

**spell check isn't working so I am am saying **sorry** in advance:P

I swear sometimes it feels like I get more done in a few hours as a stay at home mom than some people do in a whole day. I do admit that there are some things I can't do do to the arithis in my hands, I can't do heavy lifting and I have to work thirty minutes rest thirty it does take me a lot longer and there is still plenty for Jeremy to do when he gets home :P

Boo for him.

A day in the life so far.....

Wake up get dressed.

Start a load of laundry.

***I am dying...and not wanting to show the laundry room at all*** Cringes**

Set out Houston clothes for the day.

But some muffins in oven.

Houston likes them crispy...**whispers so do I**

I will admit they **gaasp** aren't homemade...but they are organic. I am going to be real and admit the muffins aren't from homemade unless it's the weekend.

Don't judge me ;)

Wipe down the counter.

Again...don't judge me all that stuff in that container are things I will use today. It gets cleaned out DAILY I promise :)

Then wash dishes...I KNOW it looks like a ton but they are dishes from last night plus the ones I didn't think the dishwasher got clean enough...

Then wipe off the toaster.

I don't put the dishes in a stranner because I don't like to leave it out :P

Can we say

She sit above my sink for a reason....yeah...OCD at it's finiest.

So I let the dishes drain some them dry them...and put them away.

So then I get Houston up.

We consult his board.

Get dressed.


I let him eat on the coffee table this morning. While I am folding laundry. Bad mom.

So then I have to wipe down the coffee table.

Then go over the floors.

Wipe down the walls...where Houston has touched with grimy hands.

Wipe down the tv.


Decide what to make for lunch.

Can't believe that I am only half way done with the day.

But my house smells like...

Now it is time for

Sight words....they seriously work...he can read some basic sentences..

Will you share your day with me? The good bad and the ugly?? I dare you ;)


Ariana said...

I looooooved this!! Jordan and I were planning something like this so it's perfect timing.
Isn't it crazy the work you can do before the day is even half over?!
I love the green wall color!
It's so cool that Houston can already read some words! What a smart kid :)

Emily Files said...

Fun!! I'm going to try this. Although your day is so much better than mine! I'm super jealous - I wish I could spend just half my day with my boys!! Work is a bummer and then when I get home....they don't have too much time for mommy anymore! :(

Brandy and Jonathan Crumly said...

Such a fun idea! I would do it but it would be much more boring -- spreadsheets, spreadsheets, oh and spreadsheets. I might try it one day though. Wish I could cook like you -- you are kind of motivating me though:)

Melissa said...

I love this post. I'm a bit behind on reading blogs....I hope you are doing well. Take care!!