Monday, June 08, 2009

Who would have thunk it?

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Not me!

Not much going around here. Just got on to see an Update on Little April find out that it is more than likely a literally makes me sick. Just google "April Rose Fake" and you get all the details.

I was invested in this as I have lost a baby ( a little girl) to Trisomy 8. Why would you lie about something like that!?

It is beyond sick to me. There are so many people who have lost children to a Trisomy,a cord accident, a heart defect etc ....why knowing that these are the people that are more than likely reading your blog would you lie to them....are better yet how could you lie to them.

The blog is now gone. So sad. Makes me feel queasy to think about. I prayed and prayed for them that they would get to met her alive. I guess the "mother" needs more prayers now as she is mentally ill. Pray for "B"...she needs more prayers than we could have known.

In other news...I am sick again. Throat infection,fluid in ears, bronchitis and some asthma stuff I tell you :< I wish I could just feel normal.

What is going on with all of ya'll?

Onto something lighter.

It wasn't me...I repeat wasn't me who gave in and feed her child a hotdog...instead of the chicken and dumplings I fixed...I would never.

It wasn't me who didn't even blow dry her hair this that poor lady has a a little bit of a fro...I would never.

I did not turn off the "Meet the Sight Words" movie after watching it for the 800th time. I wouldn't let my kid watch tv...and I sure wouldn't turn off somehting educational.

I not looking forward to summer school for Houston....that wouldn't be motherly.

It isn't me...who still hasn't ate supper...who in there right mind would wait so long to eat?! Not me ;)

It isn't not me that is slightly obsessed with Adam Lambert...that would just be .......silly. Not me.

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