Sunday, May 31, 2009

Houston-in a nutshell

Houston Chance

Lets see...since Houston is an only it really doesn't apply. It seems like he is a combination of them.

I am TOTALLY the Oldest to a tea...I am very type A, OCD, take charge,etc. So I believe in it totally.

It is really hard to know how much of Houston quirks are birth order or having Pdd-nos......

Houston in a nutshell:

He is quite the ham. He loves to make others laugh.

He is very analytical.

He is a perfectionist. If he is playing with trains....he has to have them all,etc.

He is a picky eater.

He is more comfortable around adults.

Is very "growny" in the way he acts.

Forgets that he is 4. Honestly, thinks he can do anything...cut hair, drive a car,etc.

Very creative.

Has a great imagination,everything in the house, the dog, the laundry :P

Very animated.

Even with his delay he was tested at being on an 8 yr old cognitive he doesn't like kiddie stuff, loves, space, aliens, history,etc.

Doesn't realize that he can't do something and thinks that mommy and daddy can fix anything.

Very physical.

Never meets a stranger.

Tells it like it is. He is honest to a fault.

Just a few of his quirks:)


Ariana said...

Oh gosh he was as cute as a newborn as he is now!! I love his middle name, too. It sounds perfect all together.

He sounds like such a fun kid to be around. Is it interesting being the mom and watching his love of space aliens and history? I would get a kick out of that.

~~~~~ The House of Big Cheese~~~~ said...

It is...the ONLY books he willl check out of the library are nonficition. Cracks me up. I do like that he is sooo into it though.

I swear he knows more about some of the stuff than sme adults...he loves it...his little eyes light up when someone mentions, roswell, new mexico or pheonix, arizona....cracks me up!

He will flat out tell you that his favorite tv channel is the History Channel.

The other day a lady asked him what his favorite cartoon was and he told her" I don't watch cartoons. The History Channel is my favorite." LOL

I think he and Brooklyn would be a match would be hilarous together...she was born in August too...right? It must be Auggie babies.. LOL