Monday, June 15, 2009

Another not me Monday

I am not the bad mother who keeps putting the same disposible diaper on my son night after night ( he still wets the bed some nights) THAT mother's rationale is that it is clean, I don't want to waste diaper and contribute more to a landfill. That mother sure wishes she still had a cloth one that would fit :P

I am not the mother who was glad her child went to school today. She needed a break...I never do ;)

I am not the loser who finally gave in and checked out season 1-3 of Grey's Anatomy out of the library. I said I would NEVER watch it.

I am not addicted to the show True Blood...who likes vampires ;)

It isn't me who made my child nuggets tonight. I only serve good stuff for my child. :P

I am not counting down the hours until my child is husband too for that matter...that would be pretty crappy ;)

I am the mother who's son already knows all about coupons...that would be wierd ;)

I am not going to make the hubby wear one of the shirts for the dry cleaners a second time...that would be gross...I would NEVER would have forgotten to drop them off on Saturday.

It isn't me who needs to cut the dogs hair tomorrow. I would never let a dog of mine get ratty looking.

It isn't be that has a knarly looking spider bite on my arm....I don't have bad luck ;)

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