Sunday, June 08, 2008


Well, I missed Mass today. I had no ride. We all had to skip out on church. We had our annual family reunion for my grandmother's side of the family. There were kids everywhere. You were having to dodge them :P

Houston was pretty good, except for one or two mishaps! Yay, him. He acted pretty sweet too.

We ate good! They are all good ol' southern cooks. Ate me some fried corn...yummy. Fried corn is one of my favorite foods. I can over look the whole someone else preparing it thing for that yummy goodness :)

Right now almost everyone else in the house is in a food induced coma :P They don't know when to stop :) My sister and my mom are making jewerly. I couldn't do it because the clay felt too wierd on my hands....Am a neurotic much??

Houston is fighting sleep. He has to be tired....I am going to run get him to sleep. I will right more later.

Sorry most of this post has been about food ;)

I wish I had taken pics:P Oh well.


dana said...

I love fried corn! and fried green tomatoes and fried chicken and fried....yep, i love fried!

lol! glad you had a good time!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

We missed Mass too. We had a bunch of stuff going on. So I'll feel guilty with you. But we had a good time also, ate lots of food too. But all the food you mentioned sounds yummy. I've never had fried corn. Is it on the cobb?