Thursday, June 12, 2008


Last night I typed out a whole post and of course blogger ate it. I have all the luck ;)

Well, let's see. One of my best friends/almost sister had her baby on the 10th. Layney Rae was born after a very fast labor and weighed 6lbs 11oz. She is a peanut! She looks like her brother and has curly black hair. Candace is already out of the hospital, Layney Rae is due to get out of the NCIU on Friday.

I can't wait to see pics of her!! I am excited. Her brother is a cutie pie so if she has to be cute!

Hm...I am trying to find stuff to keep me from folding laundry. I hate to put it away:P Oh well, it needs to be done. It is just super hard with only one arm. :P

I am getting super pumped about our trip to Plymouth, MA to visit our friends/family. Sadly, it doesn't look like Jeremy will be able to come. It is going to be interesting to make the trip with Houston myself :P Yeah.

It is so hot here. I am hating this dang hot heavy walking boot.:P

I know this is a really really really borig entry but I gotta get busy. I will write something interesting tonight. Maybe ;)

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Anonymous said...

I have two good arms and I still don't like folding laundry. I have two piles of towels on the table that have been sitting there going on two days. You have a better excuse. My excuse is that I am just lazy. ;) You will get to it when you can. No rush. Unless of course the laundry folding inspector is due for a visit.