Saturday, June 21, 2008

I am a pilgrim......okay not really....I am just in Plymouth

I made it here late last night. We drove an hour to the airport got there at 4 something and prmomptly missed the flight :P

Then I got rebooked for one at 10:45. It was a 13 row tiny plane. I got sick :P We got in at like 1 something to the D.C. airport. I was supposed to fly out with Houston at 4:45, well they bumped it back to 6. Then they canceled the flight to Rhode Island. Yeah. So then they booked us on a 10 O'clock flight.Well it got bumped to 10:30. Then when the time came, they over booked by 10 people :P So it was a first come first serve sit where you can flight. I ofcourse was one of the last in line with a sleeping child, two bags and a broked foot.The kind people I had been waiting with let me go to the front.

I can't tell you how nice all these people were. They helped me with Houston. God sent me an Angel and her name was Trish from RI. She helped me with Houston,carried my luggage,tried to give me her ticket, you name it she did it. It was a pleasure to met her. She was a wonderful lady.She made a horrible flight process bearable :)

Anyway, my computer stopped working the night I left :P So I will be spordiac in my posting.

I will post pics of the fun we have!

Forgive any typos and errors. I am still tired :P


Anonymous said...

It's nice to hear that you encountered some kind people on your journey. It probably helped your spirit quite a bit because it sounds like it could have been very very aggravating and frustrating to say the least.
Have a great trip!

meglowry said...

Wow..what a big trip! Have fun out there...I hope coming home is easier!