Saturday, February 17, 2007

I feel so guilty...

I feel like I am depriving Houston of friends. If I was still working he could still go to school with his friends. I feel like a failure. I am going to try to make things as school like as possible. Lot of play dates hopefully.

Hubby has been out with one his fellow history lovers. They have panned for gold, look at revoultary graves you name it. He should be in a good mood. I am a little jealous. I love anything historical myself. We are such nerds. Houston will grow up knowing tons of useless facts and be a great trival pursuit player. LOL

Houston has been my little buddy today. A little whiney though. I think alot of it is frustration about not being able to communicate 100% with us. His talking has gotten better but we still have a ways to go because I can already tell articulation is going to be a problem too. Oh well, he tries so hard. I just think people tend to judge him a little unfairly due to his size too..kwim?

Man, I don't want to deep clean,cook, or anything. I have been putting off going out and running to the store...for two's cold and because Houston insisted on dressing himself and is wearing sandals.

Write more later.

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