Monday, February 05, 2007

Hope I am not jinxing us!

But since we have started the new dosage of seizures...Praise God!

He has another appointment on Thursday with Dr.Syed the Neurologist. Maybe the EEG we had done last week will shed some light on the whole situation. Maybe not?

Houston is such a little blessing. He is such a little ham. Talk about a sense of comedic timing...He has it for sure!

He is still in love with a little girl at school. He even sings sounds about her on his "Otar", that's guitar in Big Cheese....So far we can only make out my friend Addison, something sweet. He cracked us up the other day. He started singing... Jacop (Jacob) my friend is cooooooollllll. He was so proud.

Man, I dread going into work tomorrow. Lately I have been doing lots of data entry and man is it the pitts! I am so not a clerical type work.... Paralegal yes, asst. nope.

Hubby and I are trying our dramatic to stay to a budget...We need to pay off some of our massive medical bills. I feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. It is hard not to feel stuck in a job, when you know that when everyone in our family has major medical issues that keep you from getting immediate insurance. It really bites....In the worst way. We don't do a lot of things that cost money...Don't have expensive hobbies but still don't have a lot of disposable income. Mighty frustrating....But such is life. It could always be worse.

Oh on a brighter note. I don't know how many of you know that I have a brother that is truly a miracle. He has DiGeorge syndrome, which is an abnormality of the 22 Chromosome. He has a lot of serious medical problems...Including a heart defect he wasn't suppose to ever survive. My parents went with an experimental surgery and a few surgeries later here he is. Well he just turned 18 which is a huge milestone. He suffers from severe dyslexia due to the DiGeorge. He has a hard time reading etc. So it has always been a hard ordeal for him. He also has a speech impediment do to his medical condition.

Well my parents prayed for years that God would give him something that would make him feel special. Well God sure came through! My brother is moving to LA in June and is pursuing a music career! He is honestly the best guitar I have ever heard and is a great singer too and get this sings with no lisp. How is that possible....Anyway I just want to share some of my excitement for my baby brother who has achieved so much and is truly one of my heroes....

I know I am rambling but I haven't updated in a while.

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