Friday, April 11, 2008

I am alive...I promise.

Okay,first things first.

The Tball game was HORRIBLE. Houston didn't want any of it. I have like 2 pictures. He wanted to play in the mud :P Picture in your mind, your worst nightmare. I PROMISE it was worse. Yeah.

Lets see, he did pretty well in school this week. He was a little wound up probably because it is starting to get pretty again. I hope.

I broke the door to my oven this past weekend:P The glass just shattered out.The piece came in yesterday. The hubby will have to put it in this weekend :P

Our houseguest that we have had for a few months, has a place :) Love him to death but I will be kinda glad for a break.

The hubster suprised me lat weekend with bringing home a recliner.
I like it.It is just a taupe colored one with big black speckled things in it...LOL. I don't know how else to describe it. He got it from Haverty's maybe they have a picture up..LOL

He also let me go get a new table :) *Insert big smile* It is a pub style table, that my poor arthritic body loves :)

I am loving my new stuff :) We never by new stuff and stuff was getting worn out. From here on out hopefully we can just by a piece at a time.

I gotta come up with something fun to do with Cheese. Maybe a movie? I need to see what is playing. I may take him to Chuck E. Cheese again. Who knows.

He is getting better with his speech. He isn't severely delayed anymore, just somewhat delayed.In some situations he is almost passable as just another kiddo. Which makes me so happy but also makes me feel like I constantly have to make excuses for his quirks etc. I think he needs a shirt that says. " I have delays, what." LOL

I find myself checking others blog a few times a day to see if they updated...and getting a little sad when they don't and yet I hardly ever update. Maybe because I don't see HOW anyone could find my blog even somewhat interesting.

Oh another wee little update is we booked our tickets up to Plymouth, MA this June.Yay, a vacation!!!!! I am pumped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to post some pics :)

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