Saturday, September 05, 2009

Testing this thing on...

Does anyone read this thing anymore.

Doesn't really seem like it. Try to decide if I should make it private and keep it as a journal, don't think anyone would miss it.

Last night I had fun. Went over to a friends house to scrapbook, for the first time in last a year. Me, so glad to be out of the house...really just ran my jaws, talked about infants,weddings, pregnancies...all that girlie stuff. So fun.

Then the shoe dropped...dundundudndun..I spilled a drink..which I still feel bad about. Luckily, most of the drink went into my scrapbooking bag. Good for me...not so good for the supplies...but who cares. I was terrified I had gimped up something at my friends house for life.

I still feel bad. I think I apologized to many times they wanted to take me out into the yard and beat me like a pinata. I would have wanted to ....I annoy myself quite a bit.

Houston is at my in-laws, Jeremy is working and on call...I have NO idea what to do with myself. I am thinking the library...whoooo hoooo I am SUCH the rebel. I am 110% NERD.No one my child calls me poindexter.

I am trying to find things to do besides clean...can you tell. If you can keep it to yourself ;)

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Emily Files said...

I read it~I read it!!
(I'm the one with a blog no one reads!)
So hang in there - I enjoy your are an interesting cat!!
Thanks for the insight!! Much love, Emily