Monday, September 07, 2009

A little glimpse into my mind....

I found a website that has all kinds of blog topics for a lazy blogger like me it is PERFECTION.
I am going to answer three:
Question Uno-
My Favourite Item of Clothing Growing Up:

I had two the first were my jelly shoes. I loved these things...I had them in so many colors. They were perfection in my eyes except for the inevitable happened. You stepped on a rock.

It felt like a knife was going up the bottom of your you would do the one foot hobble until you could sit down to remove.

But they little waffle shaped pattern on bottom meant you had to use something akin to a prison shank to get it out.

Fun times.

My other favorite was this necklace. Not even sure what is was called. But I felt like the coolest cat in town. I remember my favorite charm was a little mini lipstick.

Now on to Question Dos....

If This Celebrity Knocked On My Door, I’d Run Away With Them:

It would have to be Adam Lambert. I know the man is gay....but there is something about him that is hot...what can I say.

Also, he seems like he would give way great fashion advice.

He seems like a really nice guy.

And last but not least have you heard him sing??

And the final question for today:

My Most Hated Movie:

I think this answer may get my woman card revoked. One actor I don't care for at
please don't throw things at

Tom Cruise.

I would rather have spikes driven in my eyes.

My least favorite movie would have to be Top Gun :O

What about you?

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Ariana said...

I had a necklace just like that and LOVED it! Man, that just brought back great memories!
And jelly shoes- I STILL love those. lol. Too bad they don't make them for adults.

I've always hated Tom Cruise, as well! BUT I love Top Gun for Val Kilmer... I've always had a crush on him.