Friday, September 25, 2009

Long time no talk updates and more.

My computer died. I have been computerless for 2 weeks. It was tough but refreshing.

We are finally a little more well...yay, us. Got a few doc appts next week but they are the regular ones.

Houston had his 5 year check up. Looked pretty good but he has to have an MRI within the next month because it looks like he has a tethered spinal cord. We always new he had a dimple at the base of his spine that they have watched to make sure it wasn't leaking spinal fluid. Well now apparently it looks like the spinal cord is basically attached to his tailbone.

He has been a nightmare to be accident free in underwear. He constantly still has accidents. The ped seems to think that it is probably why. We always thought it was his seizure meds that were reducing senstation but basically if it is is tethered then the nerves are being pulled and that would explain it.

If it is thethered they will have to detach it because it can be very painful and you can get some major damage if it rips free.

So I will keep you posted on all that.

So he will be sedated and they will do an indepth scan to see what is up.

Of course, his appointment was yesterday. I watched Grey's Anatomy last night and what was wrong with the teenage boy. Same thing...what are the odds? :P

My hard drive had to be replaced so I gotta about a pain :P

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