Monday, September 28, 2009

Sitting outside, enjoying the weather...

Man, we have had the best weather the last couple of days. I love love love the beginning of fall. That little bit of crispness you feel in the air, everything smells so clean.

I love sweatshirt weather. I love love love the fall.

Can I mention again that I love fall.

It puts a smile on my face for the humidity to be gone from the air and a hint of a breeze in it's place.

Had a busy day or errands today, I feel uber tired considering I just got my treatment. I am rocking a totally nasty looking fever blister which goes along nicely with the ulcers all in my mouth and down my throat.

I am thinking tomorrow when I go for my doc appt that the antibvirals are going to be me crazy ;)

I am going to take it easy me some tv, bath the kiddo, and relax...easier said than done.

Heros and DWTS is on....I will be frantically flipping between both but I can catch Heros on demand so I am not super worried.

I dread the drive to the doctor tomorrow. Last time I was there was a lady having a stroke in the car next to me that I had to help....only me. I hope she was okay.

Got some much needed grocery shopping done today, which with Houston is like the 5 circle of hell. Actually, he was great today though. He even let me pile things on him. I had to but him in one of those huge ones that you can barely control without taking out a display of something.

I have so much cleaning I need to get done this week. If I could get to half of it I would be happy. We will see.

Hope Houston has a good week at school. Mr. Chatterbox needs to keep his little trap closed. Imagine a child of mine a chatterbox...who would have thought...LOL. Heaven help Jeremy. I should just had him earmuffs when he comes in the door.

I am watching the sunset and thinking that life doesn't get much better, then I accidently bite into a mouth ulcer...and think okay it can... but it is pretty nice.

I love a beautiful sunset.

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