Friday, May 29, 2009

A little more about my sweet Pappaw

His father Houston...about 2 years before he was killed.

My pappaw and his siblings at their mother's grandad is the sad looking little boy in both pictures...he was a total mama's boy. We all call these pics "The Saddest Day" pics in our of the reasons is because my grandad and his siblings look sooooo very sad :*(
Just a few quick little things about my Pappaw....

He lived a hard life.His mother died when he was 6 in childbirth with his youngest brother. She was 34.

Two years later his father Houston was dead....he died in a mining accident.

My grandad and his sibilings were split up and given to different relatives.

My granddad had to quit high school to help take care of his sibilings. He then married my grandmother and went off to be one of the soilders that the Atomic Bomb was testing off at two different locations in Nevada.

Came home and had two kiddos. Who gave him 5 grandkids who he loved to pieces.

He was quite the practical joker. He always went above and beyond. He made every one of us feel like we were his favorite.

I named my son after his father and his late brother and it made him so happy.

He will be greatly missed. I have a ton of FUNNY stories to tell and I may share them from time to time :)

Just want to keep his memory alive.


Ariana said...

I'd love to hear stories about him when you get the chance.
I can't believe he lost both his parents when he was a kid :( especially his mom when he was only 6.. that breaks my heart.

I've always thought the name Houston was awesome, but to hear it had family history makes it all the neater :)

~~~~~ The House of Big Cheese~~~~ said...


Yeah, his mother died due to an allergic reaction to some medicine the doctor gave her :*( So sad.Then a couple years the baby she died giving birth to was murdered:(

The have a sad family history for sure.

They said he was a huge mama's boy and was trying to climb into the bed with her the night before the baby was born when she was in labor.

I can't imagine then losing your dad 2 years later :*(

I love your kiddos names too!