Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sorry I have been the world's worst blogger:P

I have been sick almost the whole last three months.

I have had ear infections, a lymphatic infection, lymodema, cellulitis, lung infections, salivary gland infections, infections of my other name it it has happened :P

I finally got feeling good enough and stopped running a fever and get 9 million new fever blisters a day and I get a stomach virus Thanksgiving night ;P

Yeah, I just may kiss my nurse when I see her to give me my transfusion on the 4th which happens to be my birthday. Nothing like having a blunt needle stuck in your chest that says "Celebration" :P Hey most years I am in the hospital :P I have even had surgery on my birthday :P

All I want for Christmas is some B and T cells :P It ain't going to happen.

I am just praying that I can stay well enough not to end up in the hospial during the holidays :P Been there done that, bought the shirt :P

Sorry to be a downer just worn out :P

On happier news...I will share some Houston funnies....

Last night he said ...
" jade, i growed in your tomach (stomach) like a veggiable (vegetable)" I tink I was an apple."


He was very concerned after seeing Santa.

He got all serious and said

" Jade, when did Santa get so FaK (fat). He has a big ol' fak belly. Poor Santa."

He cracks me up.

We were telling him we have to help pappapw because he is almost like a baby.

He said " Pappaw is one OLD baby."

He says it all so serious and you can tell he is thinking so hard :)

I am proud of my booger.

I will update more postive things later.

I will feel kinda bad this week. Got my treatment and stuff but I will try to update.

I will be the big 72....I mean 27 for my birthday on Thursday. :P I feel 100.

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Anonymous said...

Jade I will pray for you to get healthier for the holidays. I didn't realize you got so sick. I was just thinking what a slacker I have been with my blog and then I read yours and realized I have nothing to complain about.
I admire you for even having a blog and remaining positive with a sense of humor. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine.
I love the cute funnies from Houston. It makes me think of my three year old and the funny thing she tells me. I should post a few one day. She likes to talk about when she "growed" in my belly too. I guess they just have a fascination about it.
Take care and get better girl!
My thoughts and prayers are with you!!