Thursday, June 24, 2010

*Waves* I am a live

Sorry I have been MIA, I didn't disappear on on purpose. Just spent way more days than I could ever have wanted too, almost 2 weeks in the big house, otherwise known as the hospital, or Brookwood Medical Center.

I had been feeling bad for about a week and then totally stopped tinkling, bp through the roof and swollen like a macy thanksgiving day float. Miserable.

Went and and of course was promptly detained. The first days were filled with lots of pain meds for the bone pain, that was making me want to hack my legs off amoung other things, with a chainsaw.

The first day I was puking my brains out from pain *tmi* but hey,I am being honest.

Then my doctor came to my rescue and the pain pump was a life saver. Literally kept me from wanting to perform surgery on myself.

Had to adust to lots of new meds, never fun and have even more to start after a whole 'nother shebang of testing.

My kidneys are working a little better but still have some issues, they are leaning more towards a lupus flare than anything, as to what started to snowball rolling down the hill.

I finally was pardoned and am still in some pain and still have issues but resting at my mom and dad's. They are closer to the doctor, they have a pool and they can help so it's a win win situation.

Just wanted you to know I was alive and will try and keep up to date on you all's comings and goings!

Missed ya!


Brandy said...

So glad to hear you're doing better Jade! Sorry you've had a rough couple of weeks!! (((HUGS)))

Brown Eyed Girl's said...

Geez woman!! I am so sad that you've been so miserable!! I'm always keeping you in my prayers. I hope you get feeling better!!

Matt and Kara Reid said...

So glad you are feeling better. I will continue to pray for you. Take care of yourself woman.

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