Thursday, June 10, 2010

100 random bits part THREE and FOUR

51. I would wear vintage clothing every day if I could.
52. I would also wear a fasicinator in my hair every day, but I may get looks around her.
53. I don't really feel "at home" in Alabama though I have always lived here.
54. I would love to photograph the birth of someone's baby, or even just be in the room.
55. I have a crush on Maks from Dancing with the Stars.
56. I almost want to get plugs in my ears, the smallest gauge but I think people would flip out.
57. My grandmother was an identical twin, and I am married to a twin, have an aunt that was a twin, and they actually even heard two heartbeats when my mom was pregnant with me at first...tons of twins.
58. I love baby names, but don't like anything super common.
59. Jeremy and I had both said prior to even dating that we would have a son named Houston, so it was easy not as easy to come up with a middle name....the other contenders where Houston Champ, Houston Taylor, Houston Ace, Houston Atticus, Houston Jameson and the list goes on.
60. If I had another boy he would be named Atticus or Phoenix.
61. If I had another daughter I love the name Pippa, Penelope, Tallulah, Lucy, Cora,Lola,Elfie, etc. like I said I like "different"
62. I have a great aunt peaches and a great aunt banana...what can I say but there parents didn't speak english well when they named them.
63. I did beauty pageants as a kid, and one some :P The last one I won was Miss Yuletide, at 18....I like to refer to it as Miss Muletide ;)
64. My dream car would be a land rover but considering they cost a small fortune to work on per hour, it probably will never happen.
65. I had almost a perfect 4.0 in college.
66. I hate math.
67. I am not a patient person.
68. I miss having a baby around.
69. I used to love Pizzera chips and wish they still made them.
70. I go to the movies by myself.
71. One of my favorite shoes ever, still was "My So Called Life".
72. I still think Jared Leto is cute ;)
73. I can't drink sunkist or grapico because it reminds me of all the nasty stuff they make me drink in the hospital.
74. I wish I had a cool accent.
75. I wish I had known as a teenager what I know now.
76. I realize now how young I was when I got married, had Houston etc. I was a baby ;)
77. I started dating Jeremy at 18, he had turned 25, wth where my parents thinking ;)
78. I don't have many friends my age, they are ususally about Jeremy's age.
79. The hospital is my second home.
80. Good nurses make ALL the difference.
81. I was in labor with Houston for 3 days and because of an issue with the epidural they pressured me to get I could feel EVERYTHING from the waist down but made me not able to breathe and made my arms have muscle it was natural which I could handle but DIDN'T like not being able to breathe.
82. I don't think Tom Cruise is cute.
83. I wish I was a size 6.
84. I love netflix.
85. I would love to live in London for a while, it will never happen but it would be cool.
86. I would love to visit Greece.
87. I hate the humidity here.
88. I love to read, anything but bodice ripping romance novels.
89. I got in trouble in 2nd grade because I brought a true crime book to school to read in "book time" It was called " A Death in White Bear Lake"
90. I had lost all my teeth by 8.
91. Got my first set of wisdom teeth at 11.
92. I don't care for "trendy" names :O
93. I had a vintage bedroom complete with a plug in sit down hair dryer in high school.
94. J and I were born on the same day of the month and so where my parents, both grandparents I lost died on the same day of the month as well.
95. I am not a good house keeper, I get overwhelmed.
96. I love anything catholic related.
97. My mom got me the coolest vintage Mary and Jesus picture, can't wait to get it and hang it.
98. I have to spell my name daily they get all confused on the last name, and think my first name is Jane or Jada.
99. I was named after Brooke Sheilds in the movie "Endless Love" my parents hated the movie but loved the name.
100. I was almost named lexi ( from ice castles) or scarlett ( gone with the wind) apparently my mom was watching a lot of good with the wind.

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Emily Files said...

I love these!!! You are too neat Jade!