Tuesday, June 08, 2010

100 things you didn't know about me--- Part Uno

Inspired by Brooke at Too Many B's I thought I would share my facts...

1. My middle name is Marie, it is a name that almost all the females on my mom's side of the family share.

2. I have one son but have been been pregnant 4 times, in 5 years. The last pregnancy was a little girl, and I was a few months pregnant and I still think about "her" all the time.

3. Her is/would have been Lillith.

4. My moms side of the family is middle eastern, lebanese...I went to school and told my kindy teacher that my mom's mother was a lesbian.....hey it's an easy mistake to make!

5. I love anything british, totally addicted to british tv.

6. I have a tattoo on my stomach that will never again see the light of day.

7. I am catholic, I love being catholic :) I love all the tradition and order as well.

8. I am obsessed with Adam Lambert.

9. My hair has been about every color you could think of, the last was purple.

10. I have lots of scars.

11. I set off the metal detectors at the air port ;)

12. I would love to be a roller girl!

13.I am OCD, like seriously diagnosed. Thank god, for anxiety meds.

14.I love the the color green.

15. I collect vintage pyrex and corelle.

16. I love sour patch kids.

17. My birthday is dec 4, jeremy's is nov. 4 and we got married on jan 4, houston tried to come way early on aug 4 and they stopped my labor and he was born after 3 days on august 31...3 plus 1 get it....4!

18. I am in perimenpause.

19. I will be turning 29 this year.

20. I love photography.

21. I love any kind of craft.

22. I have made houston about 20 scrapbooks....**hangs her head**

23. I love british fashion magazines.

24. I am obessed with learning about different religions.

25. I would love to travel overseas.

1 comment:

Ariana said...

I love these things. I don't know why but the random ones are my favorite.

When I very first started blogging in 2006 there was this same type of thing going around. It was a blast coming up with 100 and reading everyone else's 100. Maybe I'll do it again soon.

The lesbian part made me giggle. I love the name Lillith :)