Wednesday, June 09, 2010

100 random facts --second installment

26. I am so into foreign movies I have a region less dvd player, meaning I can play dvd's from all over the world.

27. I am fairly liberal in a lot of my views.

28. I loved college,the only classes I didn't care for were math. I loved anything science related and loved the history classes.

29. I watched this video yesterday, and think it is hilarious.( Just going to post the link so you don't have to listen to it playing) I love adam lambert but it is so dang funny!

30. Tim James ( a local politician) totally rubs me the wrong way. He is demanding a recount, I hope it stands as it is and he isn't in a run off for the republican ticket.

31. I am not republican nor democrat...I am more of a libertarian.

32. I gained 89 in three months when I was pregnant with Houston, got to love toxemia and GD.

33. Houston was on track to weigh almost 12 lbs if I had went full term.

34. I think Ellen Page is hilarious.

35. I used to want to marry Adam Sandler.

36. I am horrified yet can't look away when any child pageant show comes on.

37. I love cheese dip from a Mexican place...any Mexican place.

38. I don't like fast food but if I had to eat anywhere it would be zoes.

39. I craved zoes chicken salad the whole time I was pregnant with Houston.

40. I love Jane Austen.

41. I have loved No Doubt since literally middle school, even before tragic kingdom.

42. I think tattoos are cool.

43. I had a 2 lb tumor in my chest, around my heart.

44. I grew two sets of wisdom teeth.

45. I hate the dentist!

46. I won a statewide contest about seat belt safety when I was in third grade, you had to come up with a slogan and a picture. Mine included the state of Alabama with a seat belt across it and you can still see it on some signs...all I got was a 100 savings bond.

47. I read Little Women in first grade, the book was as big as I was.

48. I started reading very well at three and still love to read!

49. I have a collection of baby sitter's club books, what can I say they aren't printed anymore and I loved them as a kid, maybe there will be a niece of something I can let read them one day!

50. I have broken more bones than I can count.

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