Friday, July 24, 2009

Show us your wedding dress....

I felt compared to share my wedding dress. I have spent the last few mintutes clicking on beautiful dresses at

Let me start with the back story.

My mom's mother ran a bridal shop. My mother was her only daughter.My mother's mother had a reoccurance of breast cancer right before mom got engaged. Her mother order her the most beautiful wedding dress, spared no expense. It was a beautiful dress that they had to order from France. She had my mom a cathedral length hand made veil etc.

Well right before my mom's wedding her mother took a turn for the worst and they had to move the wedding up. Good thing they did because her mother died on her orignal wedding date. :(

My mom had always promised her mom that when she had a daughter she would try to do the same thing...basically get her her dream dress.

Well, I have always lusted after a particular designer. Lazaro...they are over the top,showy,quirky and beautiful. But pricey. They start at like $2,000.00 and go up to the price of a new car :O

Anyway, one day I went into a bridal shop and I saw the most beautiful dress I had ever seen. I like it because it was had sleeves, was quirky and just me.

I go to try it on and it is the perfect length....with with my legs is hard! Low and behold, I take it off and it is a Lazaro Gown....even better I got it on sale by buying the sample which had only been tried on like 2 other times. All the gowns are handsewn. They only offered my dress for a shortime because it wasn't super cost effective to make. Lucky me!

So I got my dream dress. It was candlelight so my mother's viel would work. So I had some of my grandmother with me!

I found a perfect tiara. They are all one of a no one else will ever have another exactly like it....but it was sooooo heavy. Almost 3 lbs! All the gemstomes,etc are pretty in real life.

I also had a shorter viel made and used a tiny piece of lace from my mother's again extra special.

I topped it off with some beautiful gloves and best of all a pair of $5 shoes.....hey it comes in handy to have a long narrow foot! :)

Here are a few bad pics...all pre digital. Pics of pics...I need a scanner!

The dress was so heavy! It weighed like 57 lbs seriously. I weighed 112 when we got married so it was almost half my size!

It had layer after layer of pretty.

Oh and all my jewerly was my great grandmother's :)


Mrs. P said...

I love your story and LOVE your dress! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I too am in love with the Lazaro dresses! The one I almost got actually resembled yours quite a bit. The waist dropped down more and the back was a really low scoop, but the shape was the same. Definately invest in a scanner, that's how I have all of my pictures on my computer. Thanks for sharing!

Cheryl said...

I love your dress. It is so pretty.

~~~~~ The House of Big Cheese~~~~ said...

Thanks...just realized I spelled Veil wrong everytime :P

Micha said...

I love Lazaro gowns too. Fell in love with one and called all over the US in search of it, then I heard the price and about collapsed right there.

You looked beautiful and I love your story!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Beautiful dress...Enjoyed your wedding pictures.. You have a great blog.....Hope you will visit me...
I have a fun post up today with two giveaways tomorrow night

Melissa said...

What a beautiful bride and beautiful pictures!! I love your dress. I would have picked something similar to that, but I let go of the dream of a big poofy gown for something that would travel better (we got married in Italy!).
Do you have any wedding pictures of your mom? Her dress sounds gorgeous as well.
Thanks for sharing such a lovely family story. I really enjoyed reading about it.