Friday, July 10, 2009

My deep dark grocery confessions...You know you have some....

I have came to realize that I have some weird grocery are a few:

You notice there is no produce in those pics...because I only by from local venders if I can help it. I swear I about cried when I pulled up today and the little produce market up by me was already closed. :( I really wanted to get some fresh fruit. I guess I will have to make do with the strawberries, bananas and cantaloupe I have :( I will be hitting them up tomorrow for sure.

Okay, enough about fruit and veggies.

Okay, I rarely by one of anything....not sure why???? I seriously think it is my OCD.
Notice two things of milk,eggs,bread,hotdogs,goldfish crackers,etc...I am a freak.

Then when I check out I group them together and about have tremours if they don't get put together in the same bag. IT IS TOTALLY WEIRD and I KNOW it.

I try to by mostly organic.

I do by my child little debbie cakes. He loves loves loves them. They make ME want to dry heave, I hate the dang things...makes me sick to even take them out of the wrapper to give them to him.

I am a huge cheese snob. We love it. I always buy cheese. This time I did good! Only two blocks of mozerella ;)

I only by organic brown eggs.

Houston loves milk. Soy is way better on his tummy but if I can get the 2 % a lot cheaper I still give it to him...does that make me a bad mom :O

I buy a huge amount of yogurt and yogurt smoothies...I am a snob with that too.. I only by the the brand with the cow...forget the name....It is something like Sunnybrook Farms???

I hate buying ground beef. I like ground turkey much better but still buy it sometimes for the Hubby.

I buy split breast chicken most of the time...a lot cheaper.

I hate fatty meat...I buy the thinnest cuts of EVERYTHING.

We have an addiction to whole grain goldfish crackers.

I buy my son....frozen waffles :P **Hides her head**

I do buy flavoring packages and canned spagetti sauce for when hubby cooks but it makes me kinda sick to even eat it plain..I have to way spice it up.

I never follow recipes...I am a pincher...a pinch of that...a pinch of this.

I do sometimes buy canned veggies. Bad I know but easy on a busy night. I usually use it in some kind of soup or something.

We don't really keep typical snacky type foods in the house.

I love chips but don't buy them..I could eat and eat them. There is one type of chips I will buy but they are hard to find here. They are kettle cooked and all natural. Forget the brand. I just remember it says sharing size on the packaging.

I am HORRIBLE with brand names....I remember the packaging..LOL

I am a peanut butter snob.

I am a major coupon clipper!

How about you!

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AlohaAroha said...

Except for the part where you eat turkey and chicken (major ewwwww) we could do each other's grocery shopping! I buy multiples of a lot of stuff too, and carefully arrange my groceries on the moving thingee so that they end up in the right bag. Like I make little bag piles, and tell the bagger that "this all has to go in one bag, and then this in the next"
My mom taught me to eat brown eggs. Apparently the kind of hens that lay brown eggs can't be caged, because they die, so they are always better taken care of. Which totally doesn't matter because I buy free range eggs from a neighbor whose sister has a tiny farm, but I can't get past the habit!
What is it with guys and things in jars and cans? DH is so amazed that it is possible to make pasta sauce from scratch, and is fascinated by the amount of spices I put in things.