Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I have some serious blog envy!

I feel like my blog is so ugly to look at!

Not sure how to fix it. I mess with it a lot but it still looks like crap.

Oh well! What can I do!

Anyway, I am alive. Just feeling yucky and I have been busy. The end of the month is when we have all our doctor appts and when I have my treatments so I just try to tread water.

Not much has been going on otherwise. Houston is done with preschool for the summer until he starts back in August. I am in the mad rush for supplies now. They get all bought up so fast here!

Hopefully, I get to go out with some friends for a Girl's Night Out on Saturday. Just what I need. I feel like I have been chained to the house.

I gotta do some cleaning tomorrow. I need to try and remove all the purple hair dye on everything it has bleed off on. It is worth it but God, it's messy.

I will be glad when MOMS group at church starts back on Tuesday mornings next month. I miss it! I think we are reading "Mere Christianity" this time. So that will be good!

I am addicted to SYTYCD.Can't wait to see what happens tonight. I love watching it. Makes me wish my body would still dance:P

I am loving seeing everyone's beach pics! Makes me feel like I am there! I love the beach I could live there...I would love to actually.

I really am going to try to start blogging more. I just don't live a very exciting life...maybe I could blog about older stuff...who knows?

Today, what got me fired up was debating Socialized medicine :) Maybe I could post a question and get ya'lls viewpoint.

I am not sure anyone is still reading??!


AlohaAroha said...

I like your blog! I think the polka dots are cute! Not sure about the red font, but that is easy to change! And that pick of your little boy is so darling!

Now if you want boring, my blog definitely qualifies. I desperate need to at least get a photo in my banner!

Ariana said...

I think the polka dots are cute and I love the picture of Houston at the top :)

I hope you do get to go out on a girls' night. I could use one, too.

Karen said...

I want to learn how to do the photo thing in my banner, too. I love the pic in yours!

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