Friday, March 13, 2009

Oh laminated list...we all have one ;)

Found this on another blog, here is mine:
Mandy's Official Rules:

All people on the list must be alive. Unless you've figured out a way to bring people back from the dead there is absolutely no way that a posthumous selection can be made.
No selections can appear in more than one category.

"Barely Legal" selections must be between the ages of 18 and 23. Anyone younger is just icky and anyone older no longer fits the category.

"Older Men" must be at least 20 years older than you. And I mean to the day.
"Token Black Guy" is code for any selection of a race other than your own. And of course, you are not limited to only one person of a different race.

"No One Else Gets It" simply means that no one else gets it. It's that person that you love that when you say their name all your friends look at you like you're nuts.

"First Love" is the first major celebrity crush that you had.

"Singing Voice" is reserved for a celebrity that sings in say a movie or a tv show, but generally speaking is not really known for their musical abilities. It's about the way they sound, not the way they look. Bonus if they look good too.

"Speaking Voice" is any celebrity whose voice you love. Again it's about the voice, not the face.
"Animated" is just as it says--a cartoon. Yes, it's silly, but we're running with it. And be honest, own up to your true feelings. You know you love animated characters too.

"Fictional Character" selections are made based on the character and not anyone portraying them. This choice can come from a movie, TV show, book, etc.

The other categories are fairly self-explanatory, but if you're not sure just ask. Trust me, I'll give you my opinion.

Without Further Ado, I give you... drum roll... Possible Fathers Of My Future Children, In Case I Decide To Go That Route..the top five!

Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Everyone loves a bad boy ;) I also have a thing for accents...and man, he can dance...**sigh**


David Beckham

He is just hot....I love all his tatoos.I love he is kinda scruffy looking. He is my one exception to the accent...he is just needs to keep his mouth shut ;)

3. Brad Pitt- During the time of "Legends of the Fall"

There is no wonder all the women around him wanted to be with him....**sigh** Again, he was the rebel in this movie so may it adds to the appeal :)

4. Robert Plotkin- Project Runway...

He is yet again a little bit of a rebel with a little bit of an accent and slighty scruffy. And he could make me

5. Gerard Butler...

Yet again. An accent **sigh**

6. Barely Legal: Corbin Bleu

I could almost be his mother...but hey his is cute ;)

I didn't complain too much when ds was obsessed with "Jump In"

7. Older Man: Ed Harris

8. Bad Boy: Colin Farrell

I love that he is a scruffy rebel. I also love that he has an accent.

9. Good Guy:Gavin Rossdale

He is hot. He has an accent. He is also seems like a great daddy.

10. Token Black Man: LL Cool J

He seems like a great guy, he has a great body...and those lips are to die for.

11. Nerd: Conan O'Brien

I love his wit.

12. Goofball: Paul Rudd

I have loved him in every movie he is in.

13. Athlete: Shaun White

I just have a thing for snowboards...what can I say.

14. Musician: There are oh so many!

Rob Thomas

I have seen him live..and I would have his children ;)

Travis Barker

Also Tony Kanal

15. No One Else Gets It: Jason Castro

Just think he is hot.

16. First Love: Joey from NKOTB

I had shirts, phones, buttons,etc with his face on it.

17. Speaking Voice: Any of the above guys who have an accent.....

____________________________________________ Blogger is having probs with from here on out..."Google" LOL

18. Singing Voice:
Jared Leto

Okay, I don't even know what he sounds like...just wanted to get him on the list ;)

19. Animated Character: Joe from the NKOTB cartoon ;)

20. Fictional Character: Edward Cullen.

Please like there is ANYONE else.

21. Action Hero: Will Smith

Loved him in Hancock.

22. Tough Guy: Corey Hart

I think he is hot. Simple as that.

23. Tortured Soul: Johnathan Rhys Meyers

Not sure if he is "really" totured but is on tv...LOL

24. Eye Candy:George Clooney

I think he has gotten better with age. He looked pretty dang good on ER last night ;)

25. But His Face: Vin Diesel

He looks a little "off in the face.

26. Brainiac: Dean Cain

He is an "ivy League" guy.

27. Scruffy: Any of the guys on my list**sigh**

28. Gay: Nate Berkus and Adam Lambert

Both hot, have great eyes...and great style.

29. Dapper Dan: Jude Law

He looks great in a tux.

30. Villain: About half my list...LOL

I seem to have a thing for accents, bad boyish behavior,scruffiness and longer hair.

Now, let's see yours.


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