Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A few of my favorite things....

Okay, first things first. I was soooo very excited that I was going to get to do the Rite of Election at church this past Sunday......pumped...then we were going to go to Birmingham for a blessing from the Bishop..I have literally looked forward to this for years...the antipaction has been building the last few months....

Well on Saturday, they kept saying it was going to never snows here..they always threaten I sat out my cute outfit, accessories etc...and went to sleep with the same kind of anticipation you would have on Christmas Eve....

This is what I woke up too

I was still in denial called all the people I could at church, my sponser etc...then I realized we had ****gasp**** ice and I knew that it was going to be impossible...

Soooo sad, it was like Santa not coming. I missed Mass. As did some others and the group didn't get to see the bishop :*( Sad....I tell you...

I so hope we are in our new church by Easter.

Okay, on to other things..... randomness....

Ten things that make me ....well me :

1.I love to read...I have been reading since I was 3 and have always loved it.
2.I also love History...I am a huge history buff.... I devour books on tudor History, etc.
3.I have an addiction to TV Seasons on DVD, they are the perfect length for my treatments that I have to get...we get through a whole season.
4.I am fascinated by religions....I think they are all facsinating.
5.I also can not turn my eyes away from those kiddie beauty's like a train wreck...I am horrified but can't look away.
6.I think I am part chewbaca...I could so grow and rock a unibrow.
7.I love tatoos...I think you either love them or hate them...I love them. I soooooo want some on my this weird?
8.I wish I lived closer to family.
9.I admit I think about especially the last baby I lost a lot even though I know she was never meant for an earthly life...I still wonder how I would have been as a girl mommy.
10.I wish I could see my mom's side of the family more.....I miss my crazy lebanese family....or as I told my kindie teacher " My Lesbian Family ;) "

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dana said...

LOL! Ok, maybe not so funny...but when I had my Confirmation/Communion 2 Easter's ago...we were having a sleet/ice storm. ;)