Thursday, October 23, 2008

Houston funnies and and updates!

Houston is soooo stinking funny. He changed schools last week and he has been a wealth of funnies about the whole transition.

The hubby and I felt like heels when we figured this jewel out.....The hubby and I asked Houston who his best friend was in his class. He told us "Eweston" (Houston). We ofcourse thought he was misunderstanding us...he still has issues processing stuff sometimes. Well we thought he was trying to be funny at first. Then we decided he had an invisible friend after he started talking about "The Other Houston." Well fast forward a week and I am dropping Houston off and I see a cubbie with Houston C. and think why do they have his middle intial on there. I look right next to it and you guessed it....there was Houston B. There is another Houston in his class :P It never even entered Jeremy and I's mind. We don't hear the name often and no teacher mentioned it :P

Oh well.

Houston is loving his new school. Weight lifted from my shoulders! They did a cute little "Preschool Circus." I took lots of pics..I will upload them soon.

Other news......well it isn't news it's just random thoughts. Have you all noticed more homeless people in your area? It breaks my heart. Today I was driving by and I saw the saddest looking guy with a sign that simply said "Hungry." I felt like God was telling me " Go get him Food." I went to Dollar General and got him some snacks, crackers, beef jerky, and a few other things that I thought may would keep him full and some gaterade to keep him hydrated. I was kind of nervous to give the stuff to hime because I wasn't sure if he had been drinking or something. I went and gave him the food, I didn't have Houston with me. His eyes lit up when he saw the $10 or so in food I got for him. It broke my heart. He was so sincerly grateful, he kept telling me "God Bless you." I am still sad about how "Broken" he looked. :( I counted 7 other homeless people on the way home :( It is getting worse and I fear it will get even worse before it gets better with the economy.

Sorry for the random ramblings. It was just on my mind. :(

I will update more later...blogger is having issues ;)

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dana said...

Good on you! Austin has always had a lot of homeless people (climate, etc..) but I'm noticing more. I give whatever I have on me. It makes me sad & I don't know that it'll get any better any time soon.