Thursday, July 03, 2008

Still a pilgrim... :P

Yes, you read that right. We head to the airport last night. Get through the 15 minute pat down I am getting because of the artifical metals in my chest ( the port, wires,etc) and get on the plane. The pilot gets on the loud speaker says we are delayed 1 hour. No biggie I will just make my connection.We sit there for an hour on the plane. The pilot gets back on and says we won't leave for 2 more I would miss my connection.He says don't fret because 95% of the flights in Chicago are behind. I go to check on my is running on time:P If I flew out on last nights flight I would be in the airport for like 19 hours before I could fly out. Been there done that , have the thanks.

So the soonest they could get me out do to the 4th weekend is the 5th :P At least I will get to see a parade and some fireworks :P

I swear I have a black cloud over my head with this whole flying thing :P Ds is so confused with all these false alarms :P

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone who may be trying to get in touch with me know where I am :P


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I feel so bad for you. Have a happy 4th as a Pilgrim and hopefully your next flight will be successful.
Bon Vogage...whenever that may be.

~~~~~ The House of Big Cheese~~~~ said...


dana said...

well, i assume you made it home safely!

how's the foot/ankle?

Ariana said...

Yeah, send me your email address and I'll get you an invite :)

That totally stinks about the flights! As if all that airport stuff isn't bad enough. Hopefully the flights went ok.

I love your son's name! I dislike the actual city, but love the name! lol