Saturday, July 26, 2008

I am a thief!

I stole this from Almost Catholic's blog.What can I say I am a bad bad girl ;)

Outside my window...It's sun shiny. It is so hot you can almost see stuff melting...okay I may be being a little melodramatic ;)

I am much I would love to be thin is annoying having to take meds that make you gain weight..but what choice do you have..kwim? I can't wait till my foot heals and I can go back to the gym everyday. Also, I wish I could have taken sonny boy to the Wiggles today :P

I am thankful family, my friends and my church.

From the kitchen...I need to wash my dishes...we live in a house that is still pretty new but our dishwasher is ocd Jade has to wash them by hand..I left some in the sink in some water overnight which I NEVER so now it is driving me nuts..about to go wash them.

I am wearing...a terry cloth sundressey thing...I wear it when I get out of the shower before I get dressed for the day if I am cleaning or something.

I am creating...nothing...sadly. I did do one scrapbooking page the other day....gasp!!

I am where right little sister is staying with me...I am letting Jeremy take it easy because he is going to watch the kiddos for me when I go to eat and to a movie with a friend this afternoon! I am pumped!!!

I am reading...a book about Queen Victoria by Jean Plaidy,Solomon's Sword about Kids the State took away... I have some great books I got from the library..they are almost all memiors..which I have a weakness for..

I am hoping...that I have a good week.I am am also hopeful I get some good news about someone next week..sorry to be vague just pray a little healing prayer for who I will call "Little Mama" :) Thanks.

I am hearing...The Dryer...laundry isn't is so glamourous!?

Around the house...I need to straigten somethings...fold...three baskets of the floors wipe down counters and the above mentioned dishes.. :P

One of my favorite family,my friends,my bible, my books, any computer, my rosary,the library

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Organize, get school supplies, get some paperwork done for some stuff,keep my head above water ;)

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Need I say more :P

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Anonymous said...

I dream my whole house is clean too. I loved that picture you used. :)