Saturday, July 26, 2008

From the Houston's mouth....


Here are a few funnies..I am trying to remember...I at least think they are funny...and some are sweet. His speech has gotten so much better.

The other day my grandma asked if he would help her do some stuff... He told her "Yes if you give me monies, I love monies." She told him..."I'll give you some change" He told her..."No Mammaw I only like dollars...I no like change." His new obsession is his bank what can I say.

The other day I asked him why he was kissing his dad while his dad was sleeping.He told me" Cause I love him, daddy is my best friend." AW!

He has been telling me.. " Houston no use the potty. Potty's are dirty and aisting (disgusting). He is kinda right ;)

I tell Houston it is bath time...he walks into the bathroom...sticks his hand in the water...says " I clean, Mommy. All done." I neeve (need) clothes." He then proceed to hide behind the floor length drapes. He made his mistake when he said "Hey, mama I no hiding...okay!?" LOL

The other day at the library I finally got him his own card..He takes me looks at the lady and says " Good, Houston Cheence (Chance) have a dribers (Driver's Licence).We get out to the car and he tells me " Mama I drive, Houston has a driber's no drive with your hurt foot." Good try son, but I'll pass :P

At the docs office the other day we are in the waiting room..He tells me "Mama I neeve a doctor too." I ask him why he says " For my baby in my belly." He then lifts up his shirts starts poking out his stomach and asks the people in the waiting room " Can you hear it?" He is sooo confused on all that...he wants to hear the heartbeat of his baby every time we go to the doctor..wth?

Oh a few weeks ago he had an ear infection...I took him to the doctor...first he told the doc..." No pretty need to touch me." Then he proceeds to have a melt down but ends up telling her " Thanks for making me feel better lady doctor." We get outside to the car and he tells me dad..."That lady stuck a screwdriver in my ear..." We had to tell him it was just a light and it tickles...he then told us " That no tickles, that hurts"

He told me the other day.. " Mama you so handsome." He meant pretty but hey it was still sweet. :)

Sorry I can't think of anything better. I need to start writing this stuff down so I remember it when he is older for sure...he comes up with crazy and sweet stuff :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. He sounds so darn cute. I love how he said the doctor put a screwdriver in his ear. That is so funny.
The other day there was a dead birdie by our porch steps. I figurd our cat left it there for us to see it. So I said out loud like I was talking to the cat , who was no where in site, "Libby. We see your bird. You can come get it now!" My daughter asked why the bird was there and I said it was dead and the cat probaby put her there. I told her to go ahead and let the cat know to come get it, so she copied me but said, "Libby! The birds all dead for you. Come get it!" Kids say silly things and most of the time they aren't even trying.

~~~~~ The House of Big Cheese~~~~ said...

LOL She sounds like a pistol too!

Brandy said...

Awwwwwwww, he's so sweet! What a cutie too! Don't you just love the stuff they come up with all on their own?!

dana said...

Houston is such a riot! Out of the mouths of babes...