Friday, May 16, 2008

Just call me moon face.

Man, I have been working my hiney off at the gym, not that you can tell ;P Well I go yesterday to the doctor and I am getting put on steriods again:( I could cry. I hate it when I have my big predisone "moon face." Ugh, oh well hopefully I will feel better :(

Houston was sweet this week or me at least :O I think he gave them a run for their money at school. He justs becomes a different child in very social situations, what can I say ?

I am still trying to decide what camera I want. I go back and forth.I have done this for literally like 3 years of hoildays. Is it going to be a huge let down when I get it...LOL?

I am going to take Houston out to do something fun...but not to fun because the steriods have me feeling not so well and I still have this headache :P

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dana said...

I am so sorry about your headache! I know exactly how you feel! I used to get migraines...about 2x a week. Then I started getting steroid shots @ the base of my head and that seemed to help. I was also on barbituates(sp) too - and omg - talk about knock you off your rocker! Anyway, I hope you find some relief soon.

HUGS! And prayers for your health!