Saturday, May 17, 2008

I am a candidate for Clergy...LOL What are you?

Sorry about all these quizes, I just stumbled onto beliefnet and what can I say, I am addicted to all this fun stuff :)

Go here and take the quiz.Share your results!

It said I was a candidate for the clergy :O


On other fronts Houston and I have had a lazy Saturday just playing around :) I love a calm weekend. It is so relaxing.I have a few things I need to clean...BOO! I hate cleaning on the weekend. It should be against the law ;)

Looking forward to church tomorrow. It should be great as usual :) Excited to start the RCIA process soon! Yay, me!

A cyber friend made me a beautiful new rosary. I love using it:) My other one was wood and gave me splinters, but hey it smelled great!

Anyway, I have got a few things to do before the hubby gets home. I rented us a movie and he was going to buy Houston a suprise from Toy-R-US so I should have a fun filled tata for now !


Anonymous said...

glad to hear you are looking forward to RCIA. I'm sad I had to put my class on hold, but I'll be talking to the woman who teaches the class and see what my options are. I'm hoping that maybe I can try to go every other week or something. I miss it. I hope that you will enjoy your class as much as I do. My first RCIA experience was so bizarre, but I finally found the perfect fit. Have a nice Sunday.

House of Big Cheese said...

Thanks you too!

I hope my fit is as good as yours!

dana said...

I'm so excited for you about RCIA! DH decided he wants to do RCIA, too this yr. I'll be praying for both of you!