Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Probably the longest post ever....

First off I am not a hermit I promise.

Just feeling NASTY.

I had been feeling pretty yuck, but was bound and determined I was going to my 10 yr reunion, ( yes, I will add pics later in this post) well was having some issues with swelling in my face especially.

Which only got worse after consuming a couple of "adult beverages".

Well on Monday I was feeling way way way bad, was way swollen and wanted to cut my joints off with a hacksaw.

So I was just trying to hold out until my appt on Wed., where it looks like my kidneys have been the major culprit all along. As I only have one that works that is a problem:P

So got get a few more tests to see what all is going on, not really pleased with the first one where my levels or all the nastiness where so high it couldn't even be read :P So we shall see! I'll keep you posted, mention this on facebook and I will hunt you down ;)

Anyway, in other news everything around here is breaking and it is driving me NUTS. It was the washer last week, then the dishwasher and now the air conditioner?? Serisously, you are 5 yrs old. So I am sitting her typing with no air, needless to say I am about to go run errands!

Please forgive the swollen face ;P

Alot of us that are in the group picture are also in the older group picture...can you match us up??

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