Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another day, another doctor

I swear I am just going to move into a hospital. This time it wasn't actually for me, so that was a plus in some ways, but it was for Houston, big minus :(

He had been having allergies for the last day or so, just sneezing, basically hay fever, started back giving him his singular and all better.

Well yesterday afternoon he was itching his ear and it looked red, after playing outside.

Well I put hydrocortisone on it and gave him Ibpropuen and he went to bed. Well, I went to get the booger out of bed this morning and his ear was so swollen it looked fake. The inside part looked like thw world's biggest shrimp both in color and size and the rest just looked like wax.

So I took him in and after they all got over the sheer size of the fake looking ear, they decided,he had gotten bitten my something and had an allergic reaction, then it started to swell within the canal etc and now the skin and ear are infected, in literally less than 24 hours :(

So lots of fun, nasty tasting medicines for the little guy.

Only us, and of course I have NO IDEA what he was bitten by :P


Ariana said...

That breaks my heart, Jade. Poor little guy... seems like he just can't catch a break :(

~~~~~ The House of Big Cheese~~~~ said...

I know :( His ear has went down some and it still looks fake :(

Sara in Beirut in Lebanon said...

I'm really sorry to hear about this. There's nothing worse than having something wrong with your kids. My son (now 20 years old!!) was in and out of hospital quite a bit when he was a baby and toddler so I can guess how you're feeling.

Hope he gets back to normal very soon!