Monday, November 09, 2009

A few of my favorite things.....

I am not Oprah, so I know this isn't super exciting but here you go :) :

My latest favorite thing is any cleaning product by Mrs. Meyers.

I love the smell, they work great, they are all natural and generally just heavenly.

Speaking of smelling heavenly OMG I love the smell of this "Clean Linen" spray. You can use it on fabrics or air :)

I love this stuff, and it has a nice tingly feeling and just a hint of color.

See this well loved tin, it has one of the greatest hair products known to man, it goes everywhere with me :)

You are either team baby magic or johnson and johnson. I am team baby magic. I still use it as a soap on Houston and sometimes myself ;)

What do you love? Any recent favorites ???

Oh and a pic of the cutest boy ever ;)


Ariana said...

I love Meyer's cleaning products, too!
And I have that glade clean linen spray! I love that it smells so fresh and natural and just plain, clean.

Love that picture of Houston :)

Tabitha said...

Actually, I am team Huggies when it comes to baby lotion. :) I love the way it smells.

Oh, and we also have some Meyer's stuff too. They make good diaper balm. I have some baby lotion and baby wash in the cabinet that I haven't used yet..

Heavenly said...

Hey Jade! I caught your blog by way of Bethany's.

Houston is getting so big! (I guess I should have known that since G is the same age. LOL) Still as beautiful as ever. :D