Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Rainy Tuesday and updates

Okay lets see. We have been busy the last few weeks.

Houston started school. He loves it. He has been doing okay I think. He has been having a probably in small groups and centers. A lot of the prob I think is he has a short attention span and he is also like the youngest kid in his class (he made the cut off by one day.)

He had a 4th bday party with his class on Friday. He talked about it the whole weekend. On Saturday we went to CEC and had a small party with some of his friends. He loved it! I have a few horrible snapshots I will share later. I cannot believe he is 4 :**(

He got a ton of transformers so he was a happy camper.

We went to church and then just took it easy the rest of the day on Sunday. We gave him a few more little gifts because it was his actual beday.

Yesterday, we didn't have any plans. Houston was acting kidda puny from allergies so we hung inside most of the day. I played with Houston and watched the 90210 marathon. Exciting stuff I tell you! The new 90210 comes on tonight and I am kind of excited. I am so pathetic :PIt is a guilty pleasure. I remember thinking they seemed so much older and grown up. I was watching yesterday and realized they were in the same grad class as the hubby, the Class of 93...LOL Whoops.

The hubby and Houston are in a wedding this Sunday. I hope Houston does okay. I took him to get his hair cut this weekend and it is the worst haircut ever. I have to go get it fixed :P

I also have to call progressive because some lady hit me on Friday when I went to drop Houston off at school. :P I swear the black cloud follows me ;)

The hubby has been having problems with his MS so he could us the prayers if you could spare them!

I know this isn't exactly a "edge of your seat" kind of update...guess I am just boring! **shrugs**

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Anonymous said...

I like your updates. It makes me realize we are all the same whether we are in Alabama or California. Life just comes at you.
Prayers to you and your husband, I hope he is doing ok. And I hope you are ok after your accident.
You'll have to post how Houston does in the wedding he is going to be in. Both my kids are going to be in a wedding in January. My daughter says she will not wear the flower girl dress because it's not pink (it's white...and so adorable on her). My son is in total denial he has to wear a tuxedo. It's going to be a pins and needles hour (Catholic service) for that event with them involved.
Did you start your RCIA classes yet?
Take care!