Monday, March 03, 2008

Been keeping a low profile :P


Just feeling slightly overwhelmed. It is hard because I should be finding out the sex via US I get to find out by path results on something "they" call products of conception :( I still feel like I need to name her. To give me closure. Any ideas? The front runner is Lily.

Houston is still as peachy keen as ever though he is so flippin sweet and cute.
We flew a kite today...quite the experience. I also bought him some skates. I thought they would fit. It said they would fit to a size 1. They lied or ds's feet have grown half an inch...who knows. I had to get his smallest shoes and cram his feet in them. He looked pretty cute :)

I busted butt and took names as far as errands go today. I also probably spent a little more money than I should have too. I went to a Candle Party. I bought even though I can get the same stuff from my friend with a discount...what can I say peer pressure. They all did make fun of my scent choices though. Said it smelled old ladish....Whatever. It is Lemon Pie. It smells good :)

Our power has been flickring so I better get off....I know you are hating that...this entry has been so riveting...LOL :P

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Mama Peach said...

Thinking of you beautiful. xoxoxoxo