Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hubby had surgery yesterday. Not fun. It was to remove a kidney stone :P Need I say more.

I was woken up by Cheese talking in his sleep at 2 am. Went in felt he was hot brought him into our bedroom to take his temp. I got a face and chestfull of vomit. :P Yuck. He apparently now has a stomach virus. Bless his heart.

Oh if you want to see his room ( the previous slideshow) you have to click view slide show or whatever.

I go Monday to the OB to find out hopefully was the cause of the fetal demise as they call it :**( I will keep ya posted.

Then on to the specialists, fun fun fun! **Dripping with sarcasm**

I will post more later. I am in a funk. My house is mostly clean. I have nothing to do....both my patients are sleeping :P

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Sara said...

Hope hubby is feeling better soon! Kidney stones are no fun...
Sorry to hear the Cheese-man is sick... hope he's feeling better soon too!
Good luck with your upcoming appointments. It would be nice if you had some answers I suppose :)
Take care!!!