Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I worked the pole like a pro...

Sadly, it was an iv pole so no money was involved ;)

I swear I would love to calculate the hours I have spend hooked up it would be like a million hours...or so it seems.

It is kinda funny and kinda sad that Houston thinks it is normal.

He thinks everyone has their own nurses, all mommies have their own scarfs (scars) and that every day is treatment day.

He even tells the nurses he can give me my medicine, he probably could...LOL

Well week before last I was sick, like I wanted to run into traffic sick, they tried to force my hand and made the hospital not seem so bad, they know all to well how I try and weasel out ;) Well I decided instead that because Houston was going on Vacation the next week that I would just go to my docs office everyday for the IV meds, because the home nurse couldn't do them because what they were.

It seemed like a good idea.

For the first day.

Then it was a little more suckage everyday. It is a yuck drive even when you feel good so it was not fun, but the nurses are the best port accessers ever, I almost want to kiss em' hardly anyone gets in in good the first time, because the port is so old, and trying to go bad , pesky thing!

So they used a lovely 1.5 needle , after I about had to go change my was all uphill from there :)

Then figured out that one of my favorite nurses from my floor at the hospital is now working at the, win :)

Anyway, I felt a little better last week and the childlessness helped, to be honest.

Then start feeling way yuck again so I wanted to form tackle my nurse in a good way when she got here.

Then she told me one of my meds was being no longer I preceded to panic but then calmed down when I realized their was a comparable med.

Yay, me.

I know this is probably like the most boring blog post ever, but hey just need to get it out every now and then.

Lets pray for feeling "my" normal :)

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