Saturday, March 20, 2010

Getting to know you Photography Style

Stole from ILP but I thought since so many of my friends liked to take pictures that it would be fun to do, feel free to post it on your blogs as well :)

1. Your first name:

2: Your first camera model:
My first camera was one of those plastic blue kids cameras :)

3: Your current camera model:
I have a sony alpha 330

4. When and how did you realize you had a passion for photography?
I have always loved taking pictures, I also love to scrapbook, which I think in a lot of ways goes hand in hand

5. Describe your photography style in three words only

6. Where do you see yourself in five years photography wise?
Still loving taking pictures, I love that their is always something else to learn ;)

7. If you had $1,000.00 to spend on gear what would you buy?
I would love to have a nikon but honestly I would probably buy lenses :) A 50 mm for sure, or maybe put it towards a mac.

8. Are their any specific photographers or styles that appeal most to you?
I love

I love any "lifestyle" photog too

9. What would you say your greatest struggle has been?

Hm...not sure just the learning curve I guess.

10. Are their any tips or learning materials you'd recommend?
I read books a lot and LOVE

11. Share an embarrassing moment that relates to a photography experience.
Basically just that I have no shame, I will crawl around and look like a fool! I feel like half the town has seen my panties :P

12. Besides being behind the camera, what other things do you enjoy?
I love anything crafty and I love to read :)


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April said...

Cool. I'll have to do this soon.