Sunday, February 01, 2009

7 things

7 things...

Seven Things.

7 Things I Can Do...
1. I can only wink with one eye...the nerve on the other side won't let me do it...:P
2. I can bend my thumbs all the way back.
3. I can read really fast.
4. I can remember lots of useless weird trivia and facts.
5. I can cook.
6. I can beat some butt at trival pursuit...see number 4! LOL
7. I can set of a metal detector :)

7 Things I Can't Do...
1. I can't eat before about 1 pm...I get sick to the point of barfing
2. I can't do math very well :P
3. I can't hear out of my left ear.
4. I can't eat shellfish or seafood. I am highly allergic.
5. I can't eat lettuce..the texture makes me gag.
6. I can't sleep most nights.
7. I can't stand to fold clothes...but I have to do it ***sigh**

7 Things I Need To Do....
1. Get the IV poll out for my treatment tomorrow.
2. Get my premeds ready for the treatment.
3. Get my thermometer, sharps container,etc ready for tomorrow.
4. Finish up the laudry tonight...which includes folding some clothes :P
5. Straighten a few things up before the nurse gets here in the morning.
6. Empty the trash in the guest bath.
7. Get off the computer.

7 Things That Attracted Me To Jeremy
1. Cute
2. Nice
3. Loved kids and animals :)
4. We both think outside the box.
5. Good heart
6. We like the same weird stuff.
7. Hard worker

7 Things I Say Most Often...
1. Be Quiet
2. Holy crap!
3. Houston Chance!
4. Do you want to go to time out?
5. I love you.
6. When will your daddy be home ;)
7. Calm down.

7 I want to do before I die....
1. Go to Hawaii
2. Go to Rome
3. Learn Arabic and Spanish.
4. Get a great camera and take pics of my travels
5. Visit more of my moms family
6. Learn how to sew better.
7. Study History and Religion

7 Favorite Foods...
1. Kibbi
2. Cheese Dip
3. Chickin Salad Sandwich
4. Chicken Tortilla soup
5. Fresh fruit and veggies
6. Squash
7. Pasta with sundried tomatos and feta cheese

7 People I Tag...
1. Anyone who wants to try it :)


dana said...

omg. i love kibbe. only cooked tho. i'm not into the raw

Anonymous said...

What is kibbe? ;)

I hope your treatment went well and you are feeling ok.

Take care!!

~~~~~ The House of Big Cheese~~~~ said...

Oh yeah we don't eat it raw either...LOL...some of the family does though.....UGH:P

Kibbe is a really popular lebanese food. It can be made with lamb or another ground meat...I use beef...some people eat it raw....not I!

You can find tons of recipes online:)